Winners and Losers

Ups to Antioch and The Drop, down with Boehner and Bronson

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Financially troubled Antioch College in Yellow Springs is getting a new lease on life. The campus, closed since last year, is being bought by a group of alumni for $6 million. The group plans to reopen the school in about two years as an independent college unrelated to Antioch's campuses in Los Angeles, Seattle, Santa Barbara, Calif., and New Hampshire.  

June 24-30: Worst Week Ever!

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Those of us who received frantic text messages reading the likes of "MJ died today … FUCK!" were surprised and relieved to find out later that basketball legend Michael Jordan was, in fact, alive and well. The news wasn't so great for Pop icon Michael Jackson, who died suddenly at his Los Angeles home at age 50 and received hours of TV news tributes, tweets and descriptions of his "troubled" life in his honor.  

May 27-June 2: Worst Week Ever!

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Socialist governments that want to mortgage our children's futures aren't the only entities finding symbolic messes from protesters on their front steps these days. The Oxford Press today reported that a group of health care-reform activists delivered a couple of sacks of metaphorical dirty laundry to U.S. Rep. John Boehner's office.  

Boehner on the Environment: Shit Happens

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 22, 2009
As Earth Day arrives once again, it's comforting to know that our political leaders are safeguarding the environment for future generations. Take U.S. Rep. John Boehner, the pride of Southwestern Ohio. He says the climate changes all the time, people breathe and cows do what they do. Hey, shit happens — literally — so stop worrying.  

Another Seven Days of Cigarette Taxes and Bathroom Breaks

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 25, 2009
George W. Bush made some pretty important decisions in office: how to respond to 9/11, when to invade Iraq, how often to let Scooter Libby watch 'Ally McBeal' on TV. But we're about to learn a lot more about GW's thought process through his new book, 'Decision Points.' But those close to Bush say the publisher has cut out all the parts where he made decisions based on whether a TV commercial was for a sex hotline or a flavored alcoholic beverage, which leaves out most of 2002.  

Another Seven Days of Melting Ice and Jelly Bean Votes

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 5, 2008
With the economy still reeling from recent bank failures and credit crunches, a couple of artists in New York City decided to show what it would look like if the economy were literally melting down.