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The Thermals Sing a Simple Song

Spilling it on recording, 'deadpan' delivery and rowdy crowds

0 Comments · Monday, October 4, 2010
Let's flash back to the summer. Westin Glass is sitting in his downstairs neighbors' apartment. He pops in The Thermals' forthcoming release, 'Personal Life,' and awaits their feedback. Perhaps Glass skips around, touching on crunchy AltPop tracks, and perhaps he mentions that Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie produced the record. "Well, you're a better drummer than that, right," the neighbors ask.  

T.V. Mike and The Scarecrowes

Sept. 1 • Mayday

0 Comments · Monday, August 23, 2010
T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes now reside in the Bay Area and have been heating up the local scene. After recently earning "Band of the Month" honors from The Deli Magazine's San Francisco music scene publication, T.V. Mike and his crew are ready for bigger things. They play Mayday on Wednesday with The Fervor and Great Young Hunters.  

The Fervor with T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes

Sept. 1 • Mayday

0 Comments · Monday, August 30, 2010
Louisville's The Fervor combines the twilight sway of Velvet Underground's first album with Classic Rock-informed song arrangements and contemporary Indie Rock sonics for a mesmerizing, emotive sound that creeps and builds like a gathering storm. They open for T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes Wednesday at Mayday.  

Like Bells and Lifelike

June 1 • Mayday

0 Comments · Tuesday, May 25, 2010
On Like Bells' self-titled debut album, the band made waves in the music press with their instrumental, progressive sound. Their songs roll out like Classical compositions (each member was a music major at Oberlin College), eschewing the verse/chorus formula for something more atmospheric and stream of conscious. Check them out Tuesday at a free show at Mayday.  

Kim Maurer [Sidewinder Coffee & Tea]

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Kim Maurer, owner of Sidewinder coffee shop in Northside and co-owner of the recently opened Mayday, has a lot on her plate ... so to speak. But as frequenters of her hangouts can tell, she's not too busy to have a good time.   

The Brothers and The Sisters CD Release Party with The Guitars, 20th Century Tokyo Princess and Frontier Folk Nebraska

Feb. 6 • Mayday

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Relative newcomers The Brothers and The Sisters, fronted by veteran singer-songwriter Jeremy Pinnell, launch their self-titled debut album Saturday with a free show at Northside's Mayday. The Guitars (who share drummer Matt Ayers with the headliners), 20th Century Tokyo Princess and Frontier Folk Nebraska also perform.   

'Earthquakes' Featuring State Song

Jan. 30 • Mayday

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 26, 2010
"Earthquakes" is a live music/dance night at Northside's Mayday on the last Saturday of every month. Founder Kendall Bruns (and fellow DJ John Hogan) spin a variety of cool dance/Indie tunes and showcase an original local band. This month check out locals State Song, who are currently finishing work on their debut release for Phratry Records.  

Indie Dance Night With DJ Greg Poneris

Jan. 15 • Mayday

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 12, 2010
If anyone should understand what beats get a crowd moving, it's a drummer. It helps if it's a kick-ass drummer from a kick-ass band that specializes in highly-adrenalized Electro Dance Pop ... like Greg Poneris of locals Eat Sugar.  

BM Linx

Dec. 4 • Mayday

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 1, 2009
When you read a review of a live show by New York City trio BM Linx, there's a common opinion: The band rocks ... surprisingly hard. Reviewers are often blown away by the group's more straightforward, powerhouse live performances, where the Electronic elements take a backseat to a rawer, more immediate energy.