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Okay Lindon (Profile)

Dustin Smith eschews gimmicks to concentrate on good songwriting

1 Comment · Wednesday, May 6, 2009
It's the chicken/egg situation for every band: Which comes first, the gigs or the fan base? "We actually were turned down by every major venue in Cincinnati that we contacted for our CD release show," says Dustin Smith, the 22-year-old singer/songwriter behind Okay Lindon. He isn't complaining, though. He's simply explaining why his band had its CD release party at a local pizza place on May 2.  

Fuxter Schittly (Profile)

You don't know the experimental musical artist, but he knows you

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 18, 2009
It's all about the new 'Theory of Modern Isolation.' With the onset of all this break-neck advancement of technology, anybody can do just about anything, including music, with the touch of a button in even the most darkest of bedrooms, basements or converted living rooms. Fuxter Schittly tells me that DEVO wouldn't have come together if they had all these buttons, switches and power-strips around. I agree.  

RaceCarProductions (Profile)

Record label revamps and thrives in a down economy

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 4, 2009
In biology class, I learned that evolution was the passing of traits from parent to offspring between specific species. In music, evolution is just good business and might be the difference between success and failure. In that spirit, Matthew Cooper and Evan Sharfe seek your attention as RaceCarProductions, a Cincinnati record label that's trying to put the city on the map using their sonic prowess.   

Wonk, the New Punk

Fresh Folk Rock/Bluegrass/Indie trio Wonky Tonk hits the road like true warriors

2 Comments · Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Once upon a time she had a Chuck Taylor collection. Now, cowboy boots. Around seven pairs, less than $5 apiece. This day, Wonky Tonk wears white, fringed boots. She and her band of the same name (with Moriah Lawson and Nick Mitchell) are 'fresh and going strong.'  

The Upset Victory (Profile)

Forging a Punk/Metal sound from three guitars, contemplative lyrics and broad influences

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 7, 2009
The band's three-guitar lineup is both an advantage and a challenge. Each guitarist's role changes from song to song, which presents an interesting conundrum for the rhythm section, namely providing a pulse that complements the band's shifting dynamic while keeping it anchored.   

Los Honchos (Profile)

Six-piece combo's Soul/Garage sound oozes 'sexual energy'

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Maybe it's fitting that in the city that spawned King Records' legendary recordings, including Mr. James Brown, Soul music still sweats and pulses in our Queen City. Los Honchos are the new Soul contenders on the block, and this six-piece combo brings plenty of heat and horns to the party.  

Order 66 (Profile)

Punk rockers talk food, cassettes and true D.I.Y. music

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 3, 2008
My search, aided by Al Gore's trusty inter-web, lasted about two and a half minutes. That's longer than most Order 66 songs, but that's OK. My feeble attempts at research are shadowed only by my limited amount of knowledge. Drummer Alex Kuhling wastes no time in his efforts, quickly grabbing a freshly washed glass and mixing equal parts Blue PowerAde and Sierra Mist together.  

Arms Wide Open

After three years together, Arms Exploding debuts the aptly titled 'Ruminari'

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 3, 2008
The five members of Arms Exploding are serious about making music, and it shows. The sounds emanating from the band's debut album for the local Phratry label are intense and harrowing, a melodic Post Punk/Prog cacophony of double clutch drumming, heart attack bass, delicately thrashing guitars and unhinged vocals.  

Music: Turnbull ACs CD Release Party

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 11, 2008
The Turnbull ACs have been called a lot of things, and they think every one of them is pretty funny. As the quartet prepares for a practice on the eve of a studio session at WOXY.com, frontman Dan Mecher and drummer Brian Penick laugh as they recount the mangled pronunciations that have been inflicted on the band. Turbo '80s. Turtle Hayseeds. Turned Balls even. The band kicks off a CD release weekend extravaganza for their album "Small Town Parade" with shows at the Blue Note Thursday, Northside Tavern Friday and with The Features Saturday at the Mad Hatter.  

Back on the Brink

1 Comment · Wednesday, November 12, 2008
As someone (me) once said (last year), a local music scene is only as good as its new artists. This Saturday, many of Greater Cincinnati's newest musical acts will be on hand for the eighth annual Brink New Music Showcase, scattered throughout the Southgate House.