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0 Comments · Wednesday, August 17, 2011
While you might think of a play or a musical as entertainment — which it is — there’s another dimension worth considering. They are also works of literature, words written on a page meant to be spoken or perhaps sung. The success or failure of a performed work often hinges on the quality of the words in a play’s script or a musical’s book.  

I Love a Piano (Review)

Irving Berlin tunes make up an all-American revue at NKU

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Opening on the Northern Kentucky University campus a few days after America’s 233rd birthday, I Love a Piano is a reminder of things good, right and foursquare. Irving Berlin wrote tuneful, good-hearted and, well, all-American music.   

Side by Side by Sondheim (Review)

Fractured story overshadows solid music

0 Comments · Friday, June 12, 2009
This collection of songs by Stephen Sondheim, skimming numbers from shows he'd created during the previous 20 years, will certainly see more productions in the present economic climate because it can be done with a small cast and a minimal set. For his Commonwealth Theatre Company production at NKU, director Mark Hardy has used three women and one man plus a single piano for accompaniment. While several songs are delivered with style and talent, the construct feels forced and inconsistent.  

Working (Review)

NKU turns a simple show into an extravaganza

4 Comments · Wednesday, February 25, 2009
The curtain opens on a bare stage at Northern Kentucky University with a few gray geometrical objects scattered about. But when you see 39 cast members stream on (there were only 26 in the 2000 ATC production in Chicago), you realize director Ken Jones has planned his production of 'Working' as an extravaganza.   

Unearthing a Masterpiece

Pat Renick's famous but long unseen 'Stegowagenvolkssaurus' is back

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 21, 2009
In the 1970s, Cincinnati's Patricia Renick was one of a generation of women sculptors who came into their own as wildly influential artists who broadened the possibilities of what sculpture and art could look like. It could even look like a cross between a stegosaurus and a Volkswagen.  

The Women (Review)

NKU has a mob of actresses for The Women

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Actress/author/ambassador Clare Boothe Luce simply called Manhattan women of wealth "The Women" and said she wrote her acid-tongued 1936 comedy to get the scabrous bunch of them out of her mind. Blessed be university theaters with mobs of actresses who can tackle such scripts and succeed with them. What contemporary theater company could meet a payroll with 25 players in the cast?  

Once on This Island (Review)

NKU production pulses with physical energy

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 5, 2008
There's enough enthusiasm to spill beyond the confines of NKU's intimate Stauss Theatre, the university's blackbox studio. The production lacks some discipline, but this is a thoroughly entertaining rendition of a tuneful show.  

Bursting Forth in Summer

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Just like the economy, Cincinnati's theater scene runs in cycles. Ten years ago, summer was full of theater choices: UC's College-Conservatory of Music entertained us with new or seldom-seen shows at Hot Summer Nights and the Cincinnati Playhouse offered interesting fare. Those series dried up for budgetary reasons about five years ago, but suddenly summer theater has burst forth again. Last weekend, we had four new productions to choose from in addition to New Stage Collective's "Jerry Springer: The Opera," which opened in late June, and Commonwealth Theatre Company at NKU, where a dinner-theater production of "Forever Plaid" wraps up on Sunday. Know Theatre Tribe Know Theatre of