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Peter Rowan, The Hackensaw Boys, The Tillers, Buffalo Killers and More

Aug. 28-30 • Whispering Beard Folk Festival

0 Comments · Tuesday, August 25, 2009
The tranquil lakeside pastures of Thorn Hill Farm, 30 minutes south of Cincinnati, will be pulsating with fresh Folk vibes and dancing feet as more than 25 bands perform an entire weekend's worth of tunes. Musical acts include local favorites like The Tillers, Buffalo Killers, Jake Speed and the Freddies, Rumpke Mountain Boys and Wonky Tonk, plus national headliners Peter Rowan (pictured, Saturday) and The Hackensaw Boys (Friday).  

Roger Klug's 'Help' Is on Its Way

2 Comments · Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Hard to believe, but it's been an entire decade since local singer/songwriter Roger Klug released a new record. 'More Help for Your Nerves' is the best of the his career, with Klug back to his usual "voice" — timeless Power Pop that churns out songs so infectiously rich with hooks the CDC might think about investigating.  

Wonk, the New Punk

Fresh Folk Rock/Bluegrass/Indie trio Wonky Tonk hits the road like true warriors

2 Comments · Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Once upon a time she had a Chuck Taylor collection. Now, cowboy boots. Around seven pairs, less than $5 apiece. This day, Wonky Tonk wears white, fringed boots. She and her band of the same name (with Moriah Lawson and Nick Mitchell) are 'fresh and going strong.'