Heartless Bastards

Feb. 17 • Madison Theater

0 Comments · Thursday, February 9, 2012
With 2009’s The Mountain, Erika Wennerstrom and Heartless Bastards transformed themselves from a great garage-stained Indie Blues outfit to a world class Rock band. The contemplative nuances of The   
by Mike Breen 11.18.2011
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Heartless Bastards Have a New Record Deal

Austin-via-Cincinnati quartet readies fourth album, Arrow, for early 2012 release

Cincinnati-spawned rockers Heartless Bastards relocated to Austin, Texas, a few years back, but in our minds they'll always be Cincinnati's. The band seemed to share that view. After the group performed on David Letterman's show after the move, singer/songwriter/guitarist/fearless leader Erika Wennerstrom corrected the talk-show host when he referred to band as being from Austin. So I got a little misty-eyed when I received a series of press releases yesterday announcing some major news in Heartless Bastardsland. The words "Cincinnati" and "Ohio" were nowhere to be found in the press releases. I guess they are officially, as their press corps now designates them, an "Austin, Texas-based band." (Sniff, sniff.)But local Bastards fans and friends hold no grudges and should be incredibly proud of the band's impressive success. And those fans will be thrilled to hear that the group's fourth album, titled Arrow, is due to be released on Valentine's Day, 2012, the first project from the HBs' new record deal.

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Freeky Trio Debuts

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Chris Sherman (aka Freekbass) and his Funk band (aka Freekbass) maintain one of the most consistent touring schedules of any band based in Cincinnati. Soon, Freekbass (the man, not the band) will be getting a lot busier, especially if his new "all star" group takes off. His new trio (With DJ Logic and Steve Molitz) gets its official debut Saturday here in Cincinnati.  

Heroes of the Zeroes

Fifty reasons why real music fans were lucky to live in Cincinnati in the ’00s

3 Comments · Wednesday, December 23, 2009
As we approach the beginning of a new decade, I decided to try to think of 100 reasons why I've enjoyed covering Cincinnati music over the past 3,650 days. At first I was worried I might not be able to come up with enough. A couple of hours into an "off the top of my head" list, I considered changing it to 1,000 reasons. After some hard editing choices, I've managed to squeeze the decade down into 50 items.  

Heartless Bastards and J. Dorsey Blues Band

Dec. 26 • Southgate House

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 22, 2009
The Heartless Bastards had fans stacked on top of each other last Christmastime at Northside Tavern (or so legend has it, since I couldn't get in) when they played a free two-night stand. You'll have to pony up some dough this year, but the Bastards will again be home for the holidays (from their current headquarters in Austin) on Saturday.  

A 'Point of Pride

2009 MidPoint Music Festival persevered and thrived despite the rain

3 Comments · Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Now in its eighth year, MidPoint 2009 faced rain each of its three nights. But, in a testament to how much the festival's reputation has grown since its inception, attendance hardly seemed impacted by the grey, wet weather. Even on the Thursday opening night (traditionally the "slow" night of the event), a steady drizzle didn't stop local and regional music fans from packing the clubs, tents and makeshift venues.  

Friday Pick: Heartless Bastards

Erika Wennerstrom and the Heartless Bastards come home for MidPoint

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 23, 2009
The first thing Erika Wennerstrom did when she relocated to Austin, Texas two years ago was to find an apartment and sequester herself for six months, feverishly writing the songs that would ultimately comprise the Heartless Bastards' most nuanced and best album, 'The Mountain.' Although she was in new surroundings — namely one of the most potent music scenes in the country — the differences in the songs Wennerstrom was writing reflected a good deal more than her move.  

Them Glorious Bastards

Erika Wennerstrom and the Heartless Bastards come home for MidPoint

0 Comments · Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Erika Wennerstrom's stuff might be jammed into an apartment in Austin, Texas, but Cincinnati will always be home for her and The Heartless Bastards. It's been nearly two years since she dismantled the original Bastards after her personal break-up with bassist Mike Lamping and relocated to Texas. "I think it was a good move for me to leave town for a bit," Wennerstrom says from her Austin digs.  

Grammer's Embraces Historical Significance

Persevering with innovative events and free popcorn

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Where in Greater Cincinnati can you find a beer festival one week, indoor bike races the next, weekly wiffleball games and flamboyant, sweaty dance parties in honor of Queen's Freddie Mercury all in one place? Why, Grammer’s bar of course.  

Austin City Limits, Iggy Pop and Ozzy

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 6, 2009
The best music show on TV, PBS's "Austin City Limits," has announced the lineup of artists for its 35th anniversary season, which starts Oct. 3. The roster is another great mix of established artists and relative newcomers and includes Cincinnati's own Heartless Bastards, who have relocated to Austin.