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Creative Economics

State of the arts: Tightening belts and adapting in order to continue thriving

1 Comment · Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Staff positions have taken the biggest hit as Cincinnati's arts and cultural institutions hunker down to survive the recession. Some organizations have adapted through deliberate attrition, while other belt-tightening measures have included shorter hours and curtailed programming. "It's a painful time," says Raphaela Platow, director of the Contemporary Arts Center. The bright side (surprisingly, there is one) is that attendance is up for many organizations.  

Timon of Athens (Review)

CSC gives Shakespearean rarity a contemporary slant that works

0 Comments · Monday, March 2, 2009
What you have in 'Timon of Athens' is perhaps the most obscure, least respected, least performed script in the Shakespeare canon. Contrariwise, what you have onstage at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is a sharp-edged, frequently funny, relentlessly caustic, razzle-dazzle production that mines 'Timon' for its cautionary values and hangs tight as it slathers on layers of contemporary satire.  

The Seagull (Review)

Cincinnati Shakespeare production offers strong, intertwining performances

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 21, 2009
This show is strong, nuanced and magical — a lovely whole crafted of lively parts. Example: Sherman Fracher digs deep to illuminate the shallow egocentricity and bitchiness of fading actress Irina, how fiercely she needs to be the epicenter of everything.