Celebrate Earth Day

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 15, 2009
More than 8,000 locals are expected at the 39th annual Cincinnati Earth Day celebration, one of the city’s top outdoor festivals and a tribute to all things green and eco-friendly. Performances include native flute music by Janice Tryten, contemporary Folk music by Wild Carrot and the Roots Band and Jamgrass music by the Rumpke Mountain Boys. Other attractions include live animal shows by the Cincinnati Zoo and Sunrock Farm, a recycled costume contest for kids and local environmental awards presented by Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.   

Meg & Dia on the 'Take Action Tour'

April 1 - Bogart's

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 1, 2009
The story of how Meg and Dia Frampton became Pop/Punk crunchmeisters has more twists and turns than an upside down roller coaster.  

Play Ball ... and Folk Music

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 1, 2009
The unofficial local holiday known as Opening Day (referring to Cincinnati’s pro baseball team’s first game, for you non-sporto types) has had its pre-game parade for 90 years. But local folksinger Jake Speed has started what has become a new Opening Day tradition.  

Breaking Rules and Boundaries

Afro-Cuban All Stars tour U.S. to bring 'a piece of happiness'

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 18, 2009
There’s rarely a chance these days to witness musicians who represent both the roots and evolution of a genre. In the ’60s, for instance, you could see music history being written in Jazz clubs all over the country, featuring artists who were not just masterful players but creating and expanding an entire musical tradition.  

Show Your Love for Katie

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Just like when she was alive and performing, the love for late local singer/songwriter Katie Reider has been strongly evident since her death from a rare tumor last summer. The Web site 500kin365.org — which allows music lovers the chance to download a compilation of Katie’s music for a $1 donation — has helped keep Katie’s spirit and music alive, with 80,000 people participating.  

The Auto-Tune Explosion

Overly pitch-corrected songs ruled the airwaves in 2008. Is it a cheat or treat?

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Kanye West's warbling, robotic voice comes courtesy of a studio trick that corrects the pitch of a vocalist (i.e. it forces the sound into key). Best known as "Auto-Tune," the brand name of the software, the corrective tactic is the overused trend of the year, audible on Pop, R&B and Hip Hop songs up and down the charts. Today's artists and producers have gone from faking it to flaunting it.  

Rockin', Robbin'

A songwriter's tale of moving on after rejection and possible grand larceny

2 Comments · Tuesday, December 23, 2008
It might have been a story of a Nick Hornby character living off the royalties of his father's hit Christmas song. But the story my father never told me until I was in my thirties is more like Tim Burton's film 'Big Fish,' wherein a son confronts the likelihood that not all of his aging father's wild tales could possibly be true, only to find out in the end that they were.  

List Service 2008

CityBeat's music writers pick their most memorable musical moments of 2008

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 23, 2008
I loved MGMT's 'Oracular Spectacular,' the mystery and vibe of it all and the amazing songs, which mixed warmer modern Dance music ideas with folksy Bowie musings and subtle Psych freakouts. I also loved the seemingly organic build of the album's success ... it's like a cult classic that millions have fallen in love with.  

More Holiday Show Madness

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Local acoustic rocker Bob Cushing is celebrating his 20th year as a professional musician with a show Sunday at the Blue Note in Price Hill. Other highlights are Foxy Shazam's Snow Show and the Dubkids and Noah Hunt hosting homecomings.  

The Sound of Music (Review)

The Sound of Music doesn’t really sing

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Based on the true story of the musical Von Trapp family in 1938, the show was a hit in 1959. It focuses on the widowed Captain Von Trapp, his seven singing children and Maria, an strong-willed postulant who comes as a governess then abandons her religious calling when she and the Captain fall in love.