Particle with Freekbass

Thursday • Southgate House Revival

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2015
If you’re caught not gettin’ down at a Particle concert, it may be assumed that you’re either not hip enough to groove, have a fat rock in your shoe or are sadly too self-conscious to let your limbs loose.   

More Great Artists to Watch in 2015

JetLab, Harbour, Near Earth Objects and Kate Wakefield join CEA New Artist nominees at Best New Bands showcase

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2015
HarbourThe small town of Lebanon, Ohio, in Warren County just north of Cincinnati, is known for its quaintness and historical landmarks (like the 212-year-old Golden Lamb Inn). But someday soon   

Best New Bands 2015

A look at some of Greater Cincinnati’s top musical acts to watch in the coming year

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2015
That new artists are the lifeblood of any city’s music scene is a fairly obvious statement.   

Leggy Pop

Punk/Pop trio Leggy might just be the next big local-to-national thing

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Leggy is hoping to hit the studio to record a full-length later in the year and will continue balancing the full-time job/touring regimen that occupied 2014.  

Surfing the Honeyspiders' Web

Honeyspiders’ patience has paid off with CEA nominations and the prospect of a big year on their own terms

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2015
The Cincinnati Entertainment Award nominations are announced and it’s hardly a surprise to see Honeyspiders in the New Artist of the Year and Rock categories.  

Rising Creek

One year in, Elk Creek continues to find nuances in its sound

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2015
The origins of the five-piece band Elk Creek, nominated for two 2015 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards (New Artist of the Year and Folk/Americana), trace back to Trenton, Ohio.  

Tiger Burning Bright

Oakland, Calif., transplant Liz Wolf continues to grow her compelling Dream Tiger project

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Liz Wolf’s musical rabbit hole isn’t for the faint of heart, coming on like Portishead with a slightly better disposition but no less emotional baggage.  

Prim, Not Proper

Prim’s impossibly scheduled members have become one of the scene’s hottest new entities

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 14, 2015
If there was a Cincinnati Entertainment Awards category for pathologically busy musicians who start new projects to occupy the time normally reserved for sleep or breathing, Prim would take home the bling.    

Ready to Happen

After two solid EPs, Cincinnati’s Let It Happen is prepared to take the next step with 'Cause + Effect'

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 7, 2015
The Cincinnati quartet may have taken five years to release their first full-length, last year’s bracing and infectious Cause + Effect, but the members seem as energetic and eager to move to the next phase as they must have been when they first coalesced as a band half a decade ago.  


Friday • Bogart’s

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Given his killer flow and impeccable flair, G-Eazy’s famous could last as long as any of Hip Hop’s current practitioners.