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Kanye's Gap, Get The Digits and Halle-POO-jah

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Kanye West is a weird (if incredibly talented) fella. Not Michael-Jackson-weird, but strange nonetheless. So it wasn’t a monumental shock to read that the rapper has picked up a little side gig — at chintzy clothing company The Gap.  

The Flaming Lips, Miss California and Going Country

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Oklahoma has become the next state to name an official Rock song — hallucinogenic art rockers The Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize?” (also, coincidentally, the official song of Mitsubishi). It was officially bestowed that honor earlier in the week.  

Rockin', Robbin'

A songwriter's tale of moving on after rejection and possible grand larceny

2 Comments · Tuesday, December 23, 2008
It might have been a story of a Nick Hornby character living off the royalties of his father's hit Christmas song. But the story my father never told me until I was in my thirties is more like Tim Burton's film 'Big Fish,' wherein a son confronts the likelihood that not all of his aging father's wild tales could possibly be true, only to find out in the end that they were.