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Hard-Luck Heartbreakers

Hard-workin’, Roots-rockin’ Lucero is starting to see its fortunes change

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Five years ago, it didn’t look like Lucero was going to make it. As noted in the beginning of Dreaming in America, Aaron Goldman’s 2005 documentary about the Memphis quartet, they were a “band without a label and without a single royalty after 20,000 albums sold. Touring (was) their only income.”   

It's All Goods

You should make a record sometime with Dallas and Travis Good of The Sadies

1 Comment · Thursday, September 25, 2008
Asking guitarist Travis Good what The Sadies have been up to lately is like asking Bill Gates to count his money, you'll run out of time before he finishes. With The Sadies' notoriously double-booked recording schedule and frenetic touring calendar, it's obvious that they've likely had more irons than fire, and so it is.