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Nov. 14 • The Mad Hatter

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 9, 2010
The long gap between the two Priestess albums (2005's 'Hello Master' and the just-released-in-the-U.S. 'Prior to the Fire') is only partially the band’s doing. The Montreal-based Hard Rock quartet committed themselves to a relentless touring schedule after their debut release, supporting the likes of Megadeth, Motorhead, Black Label Society, Mastodon and Dinosaur Jr. and amazingly finding common ground among them all.   

Bow Down

Though not all ‘metalheads,’ Priestess keeps real Metal alive and kicking

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 6, 2009
If there’s one thing to be absorbed from the music of Priestess, it’s that Heavy Metal still has the power to liberate. While histrionics-heavy Metalcore and cheaply crafted Radio Rock can be found clotting iTunes playlists, Priestess’ sweeping scapes are an excellent diversion.