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Q&A with 311's Nick Hexum

Band performs Friday at Riverbend with Cypress Hill and G. Love

The band 311 has been bringing an intense combination of Rock and Hip Hop music to audiences for 20 years. The group last released an album in 2011, Universal Pulse, which was 311’s 10th studio offering.  They are known for their high-energy, marathon shows, sometimes with set lists reaching over 60 songs. Catch the band this Friday night as they bring their annual Unity Tour with Cypress Hill and G. Love and Special Sauce to Cincinnati's Riverbend. CityBeat recently conducted a rapid-fire Q&A session with the 311’s lead singer, Nick Hexum.CityBeat: You guys have been playing shows in Cincinnati for over 10 years. Any crazy or fond Cincinnati memories from the past?NH: Always great crowds in Cincy! There seems to often be a heat wave when we play there. Which is great for us because people take their clothes off and rock out.CB: Who would you like to trade places with for one month?NH: No one!CB: What fear would you like to conquer?NH: (Fear of) burning Jazz solos with the heavy hitters.CB: What habit would you like to break?NH: Too much caffeine!CB: What made you decide to start the 311 cruise? NH: We have always liked combining destinations with our shows. That started with 311 Day. Playing shows on the high seas and on a private island was a perfect fit for us!CB: What are some of your favorite cruise memories?NH: I dressed up as a ninja and blended with the fans on costume night. I entered the costume contest and didn't even make the first cut! It was great to experience the 311 scene from the other side for a night.  CB: Last year you launched Live311. Why was it important for you to make live shows available for fans?NH: People have been trading our shows (with our blessing) for years. We just wanted to make it more convenient and better quality.CB: You have a huge fan following of all ages. How do you maintain and continue to grow your fan base?NH: We do our best keep the albums creative and exciting and we put a ton of energy into our shows. The crowds keep us energized.CB: How do you choose acts to go on the Unity tour each summer?NH: We pick acts who are going to get the party started right. Cypress Hill and G. Love will be great this year!CB: What is the secret to keeping the band together for over 20 years?NH: Be ready to not get your way.CB: What does your perfect day look like?NH: Music, family, sunshine.CB: What can fans expect with the show in Cincinnati?NH: Sweat and funky Rock!

Umphrey's McGee with G. Love

July 4 • Coney Island's Moonlite Gardens

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In 1997, members from two popular Notre Dame University bands explored their inner Jam children, concocting a new entity dubbed Umphrey’s McGee. Although UM quacked like a Jam duck, they incorporated more Prog, Metal and Hard Rock influences than their gentler brethren, expanding the Jam palette considerably. In recent years, UM’s Prog leanings have expanded in the studio and he band also showed it could dial things back for the acoustic quietude of 2006’s Safety in Numbers.   
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tim kaiser photo by larry rippel

Squeeze the Day for 10/21

Grace Adele, Tim Kaiser and G Love, plus This Day in Music

Music Tonight: Minnesota-based sound artist Tim Kaiser is part musician, part inventor and part explorer. In turn, his appearance tonight at the Aisle gallery (on the third floor of 424 Findlay St., in the Brighton arts district) will be part exhibition, part performance, part electronics clinic, as Kaiser comes to town equipped with his unique, homemade instrumentation. He makes the art to make his art, as it were, constructing some 150 various contraptions (take a gander at several here) that help him manipulate the notation, frequencies, circuits, mood and atmospherics of his often ambient, always textural and adventurous music. As Kaiser put it in this interview with Nashville Avant Garde music website Theatre Intangible, his sonic creations are "like folk music during the Civil War. If you wanted a banjo, you built a banjo." The event begins at 8 p.m. Call 513-241-3403 for more info. Below is a clip of Kaiser showing off some of his creations.

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