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by Hannah McCartney 02.03.2012
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Would You Drink (Recycled) Toilet Water?

I thought I could proudly say that the only time my mouth has ever come into contact with toilet water has been when one of my dogs manages to swipe me with a big, gross kiss when I’ve let down my guard. It’s never been pleasant, but I’ve survived. That may not be true for many Americans, however. Towns across the country are already unwittingly drinking “toilet” water every day, according to a National Geographic article. This treated wastewater, also known as “reclaimed water,” is also oft-used by industries and for irrigation.

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Bloggers, Local Motorist, Maisonette and Rape Crisis

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 15, 2009
BLOGGERS: The Illinois-based Save-A-Life Foundation voluntarily dropped its lawsuit this month against local blogger Jason Haap, a.k.a. “The Dean of Cincinnati.” Haap wrote a well-sourced online article alleging the group taught a discredited technique to help drowning victims and misled donors about its finances.  

COAST's Shifting Line on Jail 'Crisis'

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 20, 2008
In one of life's little ironies, an anti-tax group that prides itself on trying to save taxpayer money and stop government waste actually helped set the stage for squandering millions of dollars in t