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Cool Centers Offer Extreme Heat Relief

Cincinnati Recreation Centers provide a place to cool off during heat emergencies

It's really, really hot outside. The kind of hot that justifies a Popsicle-only diet, ruins every attempt at a hairstyle and makes a blanket look repulsive. But It's also the kind of hot with the potential to pose serious, life-threatening health risks to some members of the population. If you're not lucky enough to be working in an office with blasting AC during the swampiest parts of the day or have/are able to afford AC where you live, know that there is somewhere to go for relief. The Cincinnati Recreation Commission hopes to offer some relief from Cincinnatians without steady access to cool air during heat emergencies with a comfortable, cool place to sit and rest in hopes of preventing heat-related illnesses. According to the City of Cincinnati Health Department's website, an excessive heat warning is declared when the heat index will exceed 105 F for more than three hours per day for two consecutive days — conditions that pose exceptional health hazards to the elderly, children and infants, outdoor workers and individuals with illnesses that affect their ability to respond to extreme heat. These "Cool Centers" are available to the public only during regular CRC business hours, and provide only resting area; access to amenities and services still requires an admission fee. To find a Cincinnati Recreation Commission facility near you, click here. Can't make it the CRC? Spend some time perusing shelves at a library, troll a mall, see a movie, visit a museum. To read the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's tips for dealing with extreme heat, click here. 

CRC and GOP Lawmakers

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 7, 2011
The Cincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC) was reaccredited by the National Recreation & Parks Association, and is one of just 97 agencies nationwide to receive the distinction.  

Renovation or Gentrification?

Washington Park's makeover reignites old debate in OTR

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Due to budget constraints, the Cincinnati Recreation Commission decided not to open a few city pools this summer, including the pool in the soon-to-be-renovated Washington Park. The park, located in Over-the-Rhine near Music Hall, is the latest development site for 3CDC and will include a state-of-the-art playground with an interactive water feature, play castle, climbing hill, swing set, dog park, interactive stream and sand pit with water sources nearby.