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U.K. Venue Heroes Ban Selfie Stick

Plus, a Milwaukee radio station banned Seattle music to help a football team win a big game and the cassette tape comeback is still a thing

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Several top music venues in the U.K. have decided to ban "selfie sticks" at concerts, breaking the hearts of the country's narcissistic music lovers. Plus, a Wisconsin radio station bans all Seattle-spawned music from its playlist to help the Packers get to the Super Bowl (whoops!) and the mild comeback of the cassette as a music format continues, with Disney getting in on the action.   

Gaga's Shrinkmobile, Tapes & Vinyl Thrive and More

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Lady Gaga's next tour jaunt will include the BornBrave Bus, a safe place for fans to participate in talk sessions about “mental health, depression, bullying, school and friends"; CD sales continued to plummet in 2012, but the vinyl LP, cassette and even MiniDisc formats all got a sales boost; in this week's installment of "Just another day in The Flaming Lips," the band's giant, laser-shooting hands were stolen at a festival show. If giant, laser-shooting hands weren't so hip right now, they would have been so much easier to find.  

Moving Music

The nostalgia of cassette tapes and why I just can't quit 'em

1 Comment · Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Recently, I left my hometown of Cincinnati for Northern Kentucky. The move itself was traumatic. Besides the ridiculously steep mountain that is my driveway, I had to make the usual moving-day decisions of what to get rid of. I never considered myself a "pack rat" until moving day. The vast majority of my crap is music-related, and my biggest dilemma when it came to what not to bring was with my cassette tapes.