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Aquarian Exposition: A Trip Back to the Original Woodstock

SHARP Dance Company (Philadelphia)

0 Comments · Friday, May 30, 2014
Cut to 1969, the Summer of Love and Woodstock. Well, almost. This Philadelphia dance company offers a modern homage to Woodstock or — according to the program notes — what the people listening to the concert might have been doing in the fields during those three days that defined an era.  

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40 years ago, Cincinnati hosted its own mini-version of Woodstock

1 Comment · Wednesday, September 2, 2009
The success of the Woodstock Festival 40 years ago prompted dreams of hundreds of other mythic Rock festivals throughout the United States. Including Cincinnati. As luck would have it, the city's first major outdoor Rock festival was scheduled for Sept. 6, 40 years ago this Sunday. Jim Tabrell, who organized it, joins other local musicians to recall the event and the times.