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Worst Week Ever! Dec. 09-15

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Climate change BS still annoys us; Washington Post reminds us all to keep thinking of dreams in context of race; 9/11 first responders fight for health care because politicians are disgusting and more.  

Media Musings from Cincinnati and Beyond

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 12, 2014
An Enquirer cover story described a local school program that could have fallen under the old-fashioned rubrics of “shop” or “manual arts.”   
by Hannah McCartney 10.24.2013
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Study Finds Cincinnati Is Major Twitter Trendsetter in U.S.

Cincinnati only non-metropolis in top five most influential areas

Say what you want about our chili, but the Queen City is particularly savvy in the Twitter world, according to a new study from Indiana University. A social media study that sought to pinpoint geographic areas that most frequently are hubs for information flow found that ol' Cincinnati was among a couple of much larger, more metropolitan cities like L.A., New York, D.C. that often acted as Twitter "trendsetters" —  generating topics early on that eventually trend on a national level. The study found that most of those areas corresponded with major air traffic hubs, although it's tough to pinpoint whether that's because news travels so quickly across state lines at airports or because major air traffic hubs just tend to be in densely populated cities, where information already spreads more quickly because social media users tend to be closer and more connected. As we all know, Cincinnati's airport is nothing particularly special — in fact, it's so expensive, lots of locals even avoid it when they can — so that theory doesn't really jive for us. And our population hovering around 300,000 isn't anywhere near the monoliths who earned trendsetter status. Cincinnati earned the second spot just under L.A. as the most influential trendsetting geographic area in the entire country, followed by Washington, D.C, Seattle and New York. Washington Post blogger Caitlin Dewey hypothesizes our influence might have something to do with the city's fluctuating migration trends — we suffered a big population exodus from 2004-2010. Perhaps our emigrants just maintain really strong ties to the city once they realize they've left wonderful things behind like CINCINNATI CHILI.From the study:  Whatever it is, we're doing something right. You could share your guesses in the comments, but maybe you should just #tweet #it #instead.
by Mike Breen 04.16.2012
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Music Tonight: Hope For Agoldensummer

Free, exquisite Indie Folk at Arnold's

Tonight downtown, Arnold's host a free show by Hope For Agoldensummer at 7 p.m. The Athens, Ga., ensemble has been making beautiful Indie Folk music for nearly a decade, winning numerous awards from their hometown scene's Flagpole and Creative Loafing papers — they've scored five Best Folk/Americana awards in just the past seven years. The band has also received glowing press from non-Athenian sources, including the Washington Post, The New Yorker and NPR's All Songs Considered, which said HFA "has a knock for crafting gorgeous and often complex refrains, supported by utterly captivating arrangements. The group — a sister act fronted by Claire & Page Campbell — has a new album, Life Inside the Body, due May 1. Check out Hope For Agoldensummer's video for the tune "4th Night," which won the group another local music award — for Best Music Video. And check out the groovy new tune, "Daniel Bloom," here via Philly radio outlet WXPN.

Going Behind the Curtain

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter says 'now people expect more' from the media and the media must deliver

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Forget fictional characters like Lois Lane and Murphy Brown. Dana Priest is a real-life role model for delivering powerful investigative journalism that shakes the corridors of power. If it weren't for her curiosity and persistence, most Americans probably never would have learned about their government's use of secret prisons throughout the world and its practice of "extraordinary rendition."  

Joe the Journalist, Palin's Whining and Other Media Developments

2 Comments · Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Joe the Plumber is reporting about the Israeli-Hamas fight for the conservative web site pjtv.com. Sarah Palin again whines that she's a victim of news media sexism, class discrimination and accusations of diva-ness while getting her facts wrong. Again. I won't even get into the resurrection of Cincinnati's Ken Blackwell as candidate for RNC chairman except to say that he and 'Sarah Oh-Twelve' would be a Democrat's dream.