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On the Air

Local comic book writer Chad Lambert channels his love for WKRP in Cincinnati into a new book

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 4, 2015
For those too young to remember, WKRP in Cincinnati was a TV show set in the fictional universe of Cincinnati radio (emphasis on the word fictional), yet it was based on actual radio follies from creator Hugh Wilson’s stint in Atlanta radio.  

Fu Fighters

'Friday Night Fu' provides TV exposure for undernoticed local bands

2 Comments · Wednesday, May 13, 2009
WKRP (yep, just like the old sitcom) is holding out here in the Tristate. The locally and independently owned station can be found on channel 38 on the old-school TVs and on Insight and Time Warner cable. Their finest two hours might just be a little show called 'Friday Night Fu' (most everyone just calls it 'the Fu'), a cheeky, campy parade of goofy guys, segments featuring Nostradamus-like puppets and, of course, old kung fu flicks. Recently they've added another excellent feature to their program: live performances from local bands.