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Silence Is Not Goldens for Ellery

Through the darkness, duo returns with its finest album so far

0 Comments · Monday, June 7, 2010
Last year, following a particularly productive writing period, Ellery's married brain trust, Tasha and Justin Golden, hit the studio with renowned producer Malcolm Burn. But just months after finishing recording 'This Isn't Over Yet,' Tasha, who has dealt with mild depression for years, was overwhelmed by several personal and professional situations, leading to an almost crippling doubt about the future.  

Ellery (Profile)

Warming up for a special full-length release with a Christmas-themed album

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 16, 2009
After recording a full-length album this summer with Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Iggy Pop), Ellery was inspired to punch out 'Down, Down, Down,' its 2009 holiday EP. The full-length will come out this spring. Justin Golden explains: "We're in that interesting place many artists now find themselves, deciding whether to release an album on our own or on a label — it's a lot to weigh."