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Self Reflection Eternal

With help from some of the world’s great thinkers, local Hip Hop artist i-El finds himself

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In the beginning, there was Tanya Morgan. And Tanya Morgan was good. Comprised of gifted Cincinnati rappers Ilyas Nashid and Donald “Donwill” Freeman, along with equally talented Brooklyn, N.Y., MC/producer Devon “Von Pea” Callender, Tanya Morgan was hailed as one of Hip Hop’s brightest young groups.  

Tanya Morgan

July 20 • The Mad Hatter

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It's been an eventful seven years since Cincinnati MCs Donwill and Ilyas forged an alliance with Brooklyn MC Von Pea to form the renowned Hop Hop group Tanya Morgan. The unit came together in 2003 when Donwill and Von Pea, who had collaborated after meeting on okayplayer.com, decided to record a full-length album together.