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Albini vs. EDM

Plus, Rage Against the Machine bassist espouses conspiracy theories and Avril Lavigne becomes the source of one

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Steve Albini responds to an EDM artist's request to use a sample with a scathing rant against EDM (and a "yes" to the sample request), Rage Against the Machine's bassist says "sorry for Limp Bizkit," adds that ISIS and moon landings are fake and Avril Lavigne was replaced by an actress after her initial success (allegedly).   

Foxy & Elsewhere

Cincinnati’s Foxy Shazam readies fifth album and final local shows of 2013

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Internationally successful Cincinnati rockers Foxy Shazam talk about this weekend's hometown shows and reveal just a few details about their forthcoming fifth album, recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini.  

Doom With a View

Weedeater is an inspiration to Doom Metal fans and bands alike

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 30, 2010
When "Dixie" Dave Collins ponders the question of how Weedeater has changed since its 1994 birth, he has an unusual answer. "We're definitely a lot more tired, beat up a little bit and minus one toe," Collins says in his dry North Carolina drawl. "I blew off half my toe about two months ago. I was getting ready to clean a shotgun and doing too many things at once, having drinks."