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'Our Roots Are Showing' with Wild Carrot and the Roots Band

Feb. 6 • St. John's Unitarian Church

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Accomplished local Americana duo Wild Carrot and their accompanying Roots Band present a special family-friendly concert Saturday morning. "Our Roots are Showing" is an interactive "edutainment" concert using the musicians' wide-ranging grasp on American music styles to teach about the history of everything from Jazz to Folk to Blues.  

Wild Carrot (Profile)

Folk duo channels their inner Jazz child on 'I've Heard That Song Before'

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 19, 2008
"Don't name your band after anything that can be put on a mug," says Wild Carrot vocalist/guitarist Pam Temple, offering a cup of coffee adorned with their namesake vegetable. "Over the years we've been given hundreds of things with carrots on them. We have carrot dog toys."