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Maps & Atlases

June 17 • Fountain Square

0 Comments · Friday, June 10, 2011
Somewhere along the line, someone conjured up the term Math Rock to delineate a style of music that combines the immediacy and economy of Indie Rock with the intricacy and complexity of Prog without the hipster artifice of the former and the interminable bloat of the latter. Maps & Atlases certainly satisfies all of the criteria to be considered part of the Math Rock fraternity; the Chicago-based quartet plays four-minute songs not half hour suites.  

A Sudsy Salute

Soapland comes clean about its name and debut EP, The Inflatable Real

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 8, 2011
You might think you’re getting the joke in Soapland’s name, assuming it refers to the long and profitable presence of Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati. Soapland wouldn’t be the first to take a jab at P&G’s pervasive profile. When Wizard Records owner John James conceived his 1988 local album project, his original title concept was We Built This City on Pork and Soap.  

Shivering Timbers

June 11 • Northside Tavern

0 Comments · Monday, June 6, 2011
At first, the Shivering Timbers existed solely as an outlet for the couple to write songs for their daughter Suzi. Then, as their story of improbably good fortune goes, they ended up playing at the birthday party of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and the birthday boy dug Timbers so much that he encouraged them to make a record, eventually materializing as last December’s We All Started in the Same Place, which was produced by Auerbach.  

BRINK New Music Showcase

Nov. 13 • 4 Northside venues

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Saturday night brings back the BRINK New Music Showcase, returning for its 10th year and spreading its wings. The showcase, a cousin event of the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, highlights the next generation of great local musicians before the big CEA event honors the current crop. BRINK moves to Northside this year and uses five performance spaces in four venues. All shows are free, cuz that's the Northside way.  

BRINK Music Festival and More Great Shows

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Block out next Saturday, Nov. 13, on your day planner for the 10th annual BRINK New Music Showcase, which this year morphs from a one-venue event (at the Southgate House) to a multi-venue extravaganza in Northside. Tied to the annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, BRINK is a chance to check out the next wave of new, original bands in the Cincy area.  

MidPoint Indie Summer Featuring The Buffalo Killers

August 13 • Fountain Square

0 Comments · Thursday, August 12, 2010
What do this weekend? Maybe some summer cleaning? Go to the pool? It is going to be 90 degrees outside but I’m not gonna shell out $8 to wade in urine while a bunch of tots scream their heads off. I think I’d rather get jiggy to some good, old Rock music. For free. The MidPoint Indie Summer music series continues with an all-local lineup on Friday night.