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Jockey Club Reunion Show

Nov. 20 • Southgate House

1 Comment · Tuesday, November 16, 2010
The third annual Jockey Club reunion returns to the Southgate House, again serving to get long-dormant local bands back together for at least one night. This year's headliners are Sluggo, who became a local punk rock favorite in the early '80s, and The Speed Hickeys, who haven't officially played together in 20 years.  

Punk Pioneers Revisited at Jockey Club Reunion

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 17, 2010
In 2008, local independent publisher Aurore Press presented a "reunion" concert at the Southgate House that featured bands (and many fans) who were a part of the scene at famed Punk Rock palace/dump The Jockey Club in Newport. This Saturday at the Southgate, it returns for the third year straight, featuring reunion shows by Sluggo, The Speed Hickeys and other local music vets.