What should I be doing instead of this?
by Blake Hammond 10.26.2012
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All Hail Satan!: The Devil's Favorite Songs

A playllist of Beelzebub's favorite songs, just in time for Halloween weekend

Whether you call him Beelzebub, Satan, the Prince of Darkness, Mephistopheles, or just the plain ole devil (it’s all about your preferred nomenclature, man) there is no denying the big guy downstairs has been a huge influence on Rock & Roll.
by Mike Breen 10.13.2011
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Squeeze the Day for 10/13

Music Tonight: The greatest Metal band to ever come out of Athens, Ohio, Skeletonwitch, performs at the Southgate House in Newport in support of its latest internationally-released album, Forever Abomination (well, Japan doesn't get it until next week), on Death/Doom/Hardcore Metal label Prosthetic Records, home to releases by All That Remains, The Acacia Strain and Testament.  Check out two cuts from the new release below, as well as the video for "Submit to the Suffering" off of the group's previous album, Breathing the Fire. The band plays with two superb local acts — Beneath Oblivion (which recently put out its much anticipated From Man to Dust album) and Winterhymn (which just released its debut, Songs for the Slain). Tickets are $13 and showtime is 9 p.m.

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