They're All Losers!

1 Comment · Wednesday, April 28, 2010
SHERIFF RICHARD JONES: It plays well on Fox News and serves as a convenient outlet for some people's misplaced anger, but the Butler County sheriff's rigid, anti-immigrant attitude has just cost county taxpayers $100,000.   

Another Seven Days of Good Neighbors and Bad Hippies

1 Comment · Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Cincinnati's local media got quite a treat today from angry Westside residents, who boarded up a Westwood house even though the city had already padlocked the doors. All the major TV news networks (plus The Enquirer, which let two of its reporters take breaks from tweeting to work on the story) accepted an invitation from a group called Westwood Concern to watch them board up a house that troublemakers regularly use to do bad things.  

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones (Profile)

An advocate of tracking illegal immigrants like UPS packages, Sheriff Richard Jones says, 'People are so tired of politicians not standing up'

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Just a couple blocks away from the front door to the Butler County Sheriff's Office in Hamilton sits a thriving corner market with a sign outside that reads "Super Mercado y Carniciera." Drive further into Hamilton or nearby Fairfield, and motorists will see a different and more ominous sign: large billboards featuring the image of Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones under the stern warning, "Hire an illegal, BREAK THE LAW!"