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Alone at 3am (Profile)

Long history and fresh motivations fuel Northern Kentucky band's sophomore release

0 Comments · Monday, November 8, 2010
Outside of Alone at 3am's core fan base, it's natural to consider the Northern Kentucky quintet as one of the local scene's newest shining lights. The band’s acclaimed 2008 debut album, 'City Out of Luck,' and the about-to-be-released and even better sophomore disc, 'Cut Your Gills,' suggests a band with just over a couple of years of history. "We've been playing for 10 years and for nine years had no idea what the hell we were doing," Max Fender says.  

Small Time Crooks (Profile)

Hip Hop/Pop group might record naked, but they're far from hippies

0 Comments · Monday, April 26, 2010
You'd never guess it, but Ryan Rockwell's all-time favorite band is Counting Crows. See, he has loads of tatas and his T-shirt has a gun on it. Long basketball shorts hang down his legs. His hair, dyed black. Rockwell smirks. "Can I just talk about local bands that suck and cause controversy?"