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Clash of the Titans (Review)

Sam Worthington isn't alone in sinking this abysmal remake

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Once the Kraken is unleashed, Louis Leterrier's retrofitted 3-D remake of the campy myth classic of the early 1980s is supposed to scale the mystical heights of glory and make us believe there's something out there that even the gods fear. The only thing to fear in this movie is Sam Worthington as the demigod Perseus, sucking the life out of nearly every scene in which he appears. Grade: D-.  

Avatar (Review)

Amazing to look at but painful to listen to

0 Comments · Friday, December 18, 2009
As Michael Bay has proved over and over again, writing bigger and bigger checks doesn't automatically make a director a better judge of a script. The story that matters — the only story that should matter — is what's on the screen. James Cameron puts a hell of a lot on the screen in 'Avatar,' but he still has to contend with something he can't finance his way out of: his own limitations as a writer. Grade: C plus.   

Terminator: Salvation (Review)

Action series continues with surprisingly strong results

0 Comments · Friday, May 22, 2009
In 2018, the Resistance — better yet, the Resistance within the Resistance — is led, as we all know, by John Connor (Christian Bale), eager to bust up Skynet (the computer controlling the machines), although he knows he also has to save the boy who will become Kyle Reese. Director McG proves here that the Terminator franchise has a soul worth saving. Grade: B.