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The (Free) Recording Label, WNKU Expands

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Electronic Rock duo Pop Empire has released its debut full-length album, available now for free download via The Recording Label Web site. The "all free!" label is the brainchild of Cameron Cochran, formerly of The Sheds and one half of Pop Empire (along with Henry Wilson). There's also news about WNKU's expanded signal helping spread the local music gospel.  

That’s the Spirits

Sacred Spirits brings Psychedelic context to Post Punk on debut album

0 Comments · Tuesday, February 1, 2011
With their first anniversary still months away, Sacred Spirits’ sonic identity is still evolving, giving the band plenty of latitude to experiment in the studio and on stage. Plans for the coming year include recording their new material, working as many local gigs and as much regional touring as its members' schedules allow and continuing to push the boundaries of their creative expression.  

BRINK New Music Showcase

Nov. 13 • 4 Northside venues

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Saturday night brings back the BRINK New Music Showcase, returning for its 10th year and spreading its wings. The showcase, a cousin event of the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, highlights the next generation of great local musicians before the big CEA event honors the current crop. BRINK moves to Northside this year and uses five performance spaces in four venues. All shows are free, cuz that's the Northside way.  

BRINK Music Festival and More Great Shows

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Block out next Saturday, Nov. 13, on your day planner for the 10th annual BRINK New Music Showcase, which this year morphs from a one-venue event (at the Southgate House) to a multi-venue extravaganza in Northside. Tied to the annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, BRINK is a chance to check out the next wave of new, original bands in the Cincy area.