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SPCA: Pets Must be Sheltered from the Cold

SPCA Cincinnati Humane Agents can seize pets left outside in extreme weather conditions

There has been a heightened concern over pet neglect as the weather has reached below-freezing temperatures in the past few days. The extreme weather poses health risks to animals, from slipping and falling to hypothermia. According to Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Cincinnati, household pets must be brought inside to be sheltered from the cold. If outside, a shelter that protects the pet from cold and snow must be provided, as stated by the Ohio Revised Code Section 959.131 Paragraph (c) Point 2. An SPCA Cincinnati Humane Agent may “seize” a companion animal if an owner fails to provide this shelter (something determined by a qualified Humane Agent). The highest penalty for conviction of an Animal Cruelty violation, a First Degree Misdemeanor, is 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. SPCA encourages people to review this website for “Cold Weather Pet Safety” and to call 513-541-6100 if they witness a pet in trouble. 
by Hannah McCartney 07.05.2013

Morning News and Stuff

Kasich receives presidential bid endorsement, a bionic duck, 105.75 hot dogs

Plunderbund Ohio reports that Gov. John Kasich has picked up his first endorsement for a presidential bid from Citizens for Community values president and executive director and self-professed former porn addict Phil Burress, following Kasich's signing of some of the country's most archaic and restrictive anti-abortion provisions in the nation. This week’s news story by CityBeat’s most glamorous misanthrope, German Lopez, explains how the recently passed state budget caters to Republicans by lowering taxes for the rich, tries to block health care for the poor and effectively defunds Planned Parenthood and its valuable health services.Eleven school buses were hijacked from the Petermann Bus Company bus lot in Golf Manor. All but one of the buses has been recovered. Ralph Brown, who supervises the company, speculated some kids just wanted to take a "joy ride." Columbia Parkway is open again after massive flash flooding and landslides inundated the road, but this weekend's wet forecast could cause it to flood again. SPCA Cincinnati is adopting out cats and kittens for just $5 through this weekend in honor of Independence Day. Visit the Northside or the Sharonville location. "God buried fossil fuels 'because he loves to see us find them.'" No. 5 on Rolling Stone's top 10 list of the dumbest things ever said about global warming comes from Bryan Fischer, director at the American Family Association. Men can eat a lot more weiners than women. Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas ate 36.75 hot dogs yesterday in Brooklyn, N.Y., at Coney Island's 98th annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, earning first place in the women's division, while male title winner Joey Chestnut ate 69 dogs IN 10 MINUTES. Here's why hot temperatures sometimes can make you cranky.  Women in Egypt are at a staggeringly high risk to become victims of sexual assault. More than 80 women were raped, sexually harassed or sexually assaulted during Wednesday night’s mob celebration of the forced departure of president Mohamed Morsi on Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo.  Buttercup, a duck born with his left foot twisted backward, is now on top of the world after his owner used 3D printing to create a brand new foot for Buttercup. Here is a video for good measure.

Cincinnati Pit Bull Ban Repealed

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Pit bulls can legally put their paws on Cincinnati ground for the first time in nine years. After a long, arduous battle for dog lovers and Cincinnati animal welfare advocates, Cincinnati City Council on May 16 voted 8-1 to officially repeal the breed-specific language in Cincinnati’s vicious dog ordinance, which previously made ownership of pit bulls within city limits illegal.