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Fred Durst, Hawaiin Musicians and The Black Eyed Peas

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Given Austin, Texas, reputation as the most hipstery part of the Lone Star state, you’d think they’d know better, but city officials still went to its citizens to find a new name for its Solid Waste Services Department, responsible for things like recycling and garbage collection. The city put up an online poll to decide the new name and the runaway winner so far is the “Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts."  

Rabbit Hole (Review)

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 12, 2011
'Rabbit Hole' does for grief and loss what 'Shortbus' did for sex and the sense of identity we mold from our sexual orientations. We grieve in different ways, and others begin to see and define us by our expressions of that hurt. It changes us — our immersion in loss and/or how we handle our proximity to it and those that we love who are caught in its unshakeable grasp. Grade: A