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Food (Inc.) for Thought

Robert Kenner's documentary investigates the corporate takeover of America's food supply

0 Comments · Wednesday, July 8, 2009
The American food industry is now controlled by a handful of large corporations with one goal above all else: making money. Robert Kenner's incisive, warning-shot documentary, 'Food, Inc.,' investigates the ways in which these corporations have changed our food system in recent years and the impact this rapid evolution has had on the industry's various components. Kenner speaks with CityBeat about his film.  

Food, Inc. (Review)

0 Comments · Thursday, July 9, 2009
Robert Kenner systematically investigates the development and refinement of food production, seamlessly weaving several personal narratives into his argument while cannily using images of the process to create a sense of foreboding that might seem familiar to audiences. The visuals are in keeping with oppression and the totalitarian futurescapes. Will that excite us and goad us into action when facts, which are far more threatening than the cause for immediate alarm, merely make us hungry for more of what ails us? Grade A.