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Get Low (Review)

Robert Duvall lays his burden down in indie dramedy

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Felix Bush (Robert Duvall) is that old coot that every rural community used to have. 'Get Low,' based in part on the true story of a legendary Tennessee loner from the 1930s, starts with a fever dream, a house afire and a figure, a man who dives from an upper-story window and staggers off as the house continues to burn. It's a pleasure to watch Duvall engaged with old pros like Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray. Grade: B.  

Boozin' & Brawlin'

Country singers often make compelling movie subjects

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Jeff Bridges' Best Actor Oscar nomination recognizes more than just his nuanced, sensitive portrayal of down-on-his-luck Country singer Bad Blake in 'Crazy Heart.' It also acknowledges that actors and actresses give some of their finest performances when playing Country/Roots musicians.