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The Music Man (Review)

Cincinnati Music Theatre show has esprit de corps

0 Comments · Monday, November 15, 2010
Team spirit is what Professor Harold Hill is really selling to the people of River City, Iowa. And 'The Music Man,' now at the Aronoff's Jarson-Kaplan Theater thanks to Cincinnati Music Theatre, has more esprit de corps in its piccolo-playing pinkie fingers than you might find in the entire bodies of a real brass band.   

110 in the Shade (Review)

Mariemont Players deliver a fine musical despite challenges

1 Comment · Wednesday, January 21, 2009
There are moments in '110 in the Shade' when genuine theatrical impact shines through the difficulties of staging a Broadway musical of only iffy merit with a cast of 16. It's presented on a set designed by Dennis Murphy that communicates the play's mood as well as its time and place: a drought-scourged, worry-scurried prairie village in the 1930s. Farmers are giving up hope of a rain that will save their crops and cattle, just as thirtysomething Lizzie Curry is close to giving up hope of ever finding a husband and having children.