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Dude, Where's My Bar?

Favorite music club not where you left it? We’re here to help.

0 Comments · Wednesday, February 29, 2012
It seems like in the past, Cincinnati had a reputation for being the kind of place you could move away from for a decade knowing that when you returned, the gas station, grocery store and drinking establishments would be there waiting for you, exactly as you left them.    

Emmitt-Nershi Band

April 17 • Play By Play

0 Comments · Monday, April 12, 2010
Reese's had so much success with their chocolate and peanut butter experiment that Drew Emmitt and Bill Nershi decided to try the same thing with salmon and cheese. Emmitt's Leftover Salmon and Nershi's String Cheese Incident have been crossing paths on the Newgrass/Jamgrass circuit for a good number of years, and somewhere along the line the bandleaders’ friendship and mutual respect turned into the idea to work together. Thus was born the cleverly dubbed Emmitt-Nershi Band.  

Logic Molitz Freekbass

Jan. 23 • Play By Play

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Chris Sherman (aka Freekbass) and his Funk band (aka Freekbass) maintain one of the most consistent touring schedules of any band based in Cincinnati. Now he's teaming up with two high profile musicians for a new project: DJ Logic (known for his groove-intensive, Jazz-informed turntable magic and versatility) and Steve Molitz (the keyboardist behind Particle, a band that helped shape the increasingly popular fusion of Jazz, Funk and Electronica).  

'Road to Memphis 2010' Blues Showcase

Jan. 11 • Play By Play

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 5, 2010
The showcase raises money to help local musicians get to Memphis at the end of the month to battle in the International Blues Challenge against entries from around the world. Scheduled to play Monday (and head to Memphis) are Cheryl Renee with Them Bones, Ricky Nye, Twelve-Eight and Jimmy D. Rogers.  

Vaughn and Co. (Profile)

Local rock factory stamps out another album

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Ronnie Vaughn kicks back in his coffeeshop chair, relaxing like he's beside a campfire, shooting the shit. He shoots, "When we started playing, we were against the cover thing. We'd play for hours, all original music, at places where they usually didn't have original music. Live is where we shine the most. We jam out a lot more, extending the songs."  

Vaughn and Co. Album Release Party

Oct. 24 • Play By Play

0 Comments · Tuesday, October 20, 2009
With influences from The Grateful Dead (obvious) to Rap (not so obvious), Vaughn and Co.'s new album, 'Coming Home,' will hit the streets via a release show Saturday at Play by Play in Silverton. V&C took the "live approach" for the CD, performing the songs at shows first, deciding what worked, later adding the winners to the album lineup.  

Nick Moss & The Flip Flops

March 21 • Play By Play

0 Comments · Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Chicago native Nick Moss found his love for the Blues early in life, learning guitar from his older brother and sneaking into local clubs to absorb the vibe as a teenager. On a foray to a Blues jam, Moss met electric Blues icon Jimmy Dawkins who, as fate would have it, needed a bass player. Moss scored a longstanding gig in Dawkins' band, which led to stints with the Legendary Blues Band and guitarist Jimmy Rogers.