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Robot & Frank

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Jake Schreier’s feature debut, scripted by comic writer-actor Christopher D. Ford jumps a step into the future where Frank (Frank Langella), an aging jewel thief, is forced to accept a robot caretaker (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) from his son (James Marsden), but before long Frank and the robot are planning a heist together.  

Orphan (Review)

Vera Farmiga can't save rote thriller

0 Comments · Friday, July 31, 2009
Vera Farmiga has cornered the market of mothers in crisis in recent years. In 'Orphan,' she and husband John (Peter Sarsgaard), struggling to adjust to a stillbirth and an accident that nearly took the life of one of their two surviving children, decide to adopt an adorable Russian orphan (Isabelle Fuhrman), the bad wolf in Little Bo Peep's dress. No surprises here. Grade: D.