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Nine (Review)

Rob Marshall offers up a helter-skelter film adaptation of Tony winner

0 Comments · Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Academy Award-wining director Rob Marshall unfortunately succumbs here to the influences of the cut-and-paste aesthetic of music videos. The show tunes are wannabe 'VH1 Countdown' hits, all style and flash rendered with a sure hand, offering little to truly deepen the emotional arc of individual characters or the story as a whole. With a lead performer like Daniel Day-Lewis, we expect the feral magnetic intensity of Bill the Butcher or Daniel Plainview, but it's not to be. Grade: B.  

G-Force (Review)

Jerry Bruckheimer-produced 3-D adventure is an uninspired dud

0 Comments · Friday, July 24, 2009
'G-Force' strains the Jerry Bruckheimer brand model past the breaking point by creating a kid's film with no real kids, using the animals as stand-ins, I suppose, but there's nothing particularly kid-friendly about them. Nor, to be brutally honest, is there anything engaging about them on a pop-cultural level for adults. Grade: D.