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Triage Featuring Othello Molineaux

Dec. 31 • The Greenwich

0 Comments · Monday, December 27, 2010
New Year's Eve at The Greenwich features smooth jazz by the popular Cincinnati jazz collective Triage, joined by steel drum legend Othello Molineaux, plus free champagne and special party favors. Not to mention an authentic organic breakfast. Mimosa anyone?  

Catch Catfish at The Comet

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Billy Catfish is a man about town of the highest order and a renaissance man to boot. The good-humored, sometimes-mustachioed/bearded bard has been a performing and recording musician since '89, playing with numerous Experimental, Punk and Garage bands. In keeping with our town's musical zeitgeist, he's currently doing the "laid-back Country-Folk Singer-Songwriter thing."