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Music: The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 2, 2015
The free MidPoint Indie Summer shows on Fountain Square are ending with a bang, as diverse Connecticut-spawned rockers The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die play the last concert of the season this week.  
by Jac Kern 06.15.2012
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Your Weekend To Do List: 6/15-6/17

Whether you’re celebrating your dad, the end of slavery, a local pork product or just a welcome break from work, there are tons of events in store this weekend. Buckle up! As always, the Midpoint Indie Summer Series is a superb way to kick things off. Tonight The Seedy Seeds, Wymond Miles and Belle Histoire take over Fountain Square starting at 7 p.m. Grab a beer, something to eat and if you haven’t already secured your MPMF wristbands, be sure to purchase those tonight as well. Early bird tickets save you $10 — and they’re almost sold out! You can also buy tickets and check out the full Indie Summer schedule and initial MPMF band announcements here. Barbeque may be the widely-recognized seasonal meat dish of choice, but locals know better — Cincy celebrates goetta with multiple festivals each summer. The first of which, MainStrasse Village “Original” Goettafest, begins tonight in Covington. Enjoy live music, vendors, booze and all the goetta dogs, burgers, reubens, chili and pizza your heart desires (or fears) though Sunday night. If sampling pork dishes isn’t your thing, why not sample the best of local and regional dancers? Contemporary Dance Theater presents its annual Area Choreographers Festival Friday and Saturday at the Aronoff Center. The program features six performances from established companies and up-and-coming choreographers. Find ticket information and a full lineup here. Many associate the end of slavery in the United States with Emancipation Proclamation, issued by Abraham Lincoln on Sept. 22, 1862 (and went into effect Jan. 1, 1863), but just a small fraction of  slaves actually benefited from this order. On June 19, 1865, Union General Gordon Granger and federal troops arrived at Galveston, Tex., it is said, to enforce the abolition of slaves there. This date represents a true end of slavery, called Juneteenth, and is recognized by 41 states. Celebrate this weekend at Eden Park with cultural music and dancing, performances, traditional storytelling, ethnic food and vendors Saturday and Sunday. This year marks the 25th annual Juneteenth Festival in Cincinnati, predicted to be one of the largest local celebrations yet. From a historical holiday to a fictional one, Bloomsday is also celebrated this weekend. In James Joyce’s classic epic Ulysses, Leopold Bloom embarked on his Dublin journey on June 16, 1904. Though purely a literary creation, June 16 has become a day to honor Irish heritage and culture (you don’t have to wait until March!). The Irish Heritage Center presents an evening full of traditional Irish songs, readings, performances and more Saturday beginning at 7 p.m. Admission is $10. The Cincinnati Opera opened its 2012 season this week, and celebrates with Pride Night Saturday. Experience the tragic passion of Pagliacci and the humorous charm of Gianni Schicchi in a classical doubleheader, followed by a circus-themed bash at Music Hall. Enjoy a talent-packed performance, support the LGBT community and party it up in one night? Yeah, it’s a can’t-miss.

MidPoint Summer Over, Fall Fest Countdown Begins

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 31, 2011
This Friday, the PNC Summer Music Series — the umbrella title for all of the almost-daily free concerts on Fountain Square throughout the summer — concludes with the last MidPoint Indie Summer Series concert at 7 p.m. If you haven’t checked the lineups since the start of the summer, you might not have noticed that this week’s final Indie Summer show is headlined by Wussy, who replaced The Greenhornes a few weeks ago.  

A Feast of Fests

0 Comments · Wednesday, August 24, 2011
This Friday-Sunday at Hannon’s Camp America facilities near Oxford, Ohio, the Ohmstead Music Festival returns for its 10th anniversary event. The festival was created by local Reggae/Rock band The Ohms back when the group was called Four Ohms. The fest has grown in stature, attendance and sheer size over the past decade.  

Maps & Atlases

June 17 • Fountain Square

0 Comments · Friday, June 10, 2011
Somewhere along the line, someone conjured up the term Math Rock to delineate a style of music that combines the immediacy and economy of Indie Rock with the intricacy and complexity of Prog without the hipster artifice of the former and the interminable bloat of the latter. Maps & Atlases certainly satisfies all of the criteria to be considered part of the Math Rock fraternity; the Chicago-based quartet plays four-minute songs not half hour suites.  

An Awesome MidPoint Indie Summer Launch

0 Comments · Wednesday, June 1, 2011
This Friday, Fountain Square gets ready to rock with the first MidPoint Indie Summer Series concert of the season. This year's opening-night main act, You You're Awesome, has earned its way to headlining status by building a growing following with its crafty, magnetic Electronica, a mix of modern, energetic rhythms, catchy, clever samples and an assortment of snyths and electronics that bridges early, pioneering usage and today's more stylized approach. YYA will be celebrating the release of its first full-length album, 'Good Point, Whoever Said That.'  

Get Here, Get Heard

2011 MidPoint showcase submission process wraps up

0 Comments · Tuesday, May 17, 2011
After a year that saw record attendance numbers, the MidPoint Music Festival is set to return Sept. 22-25 for its 10th anniversary. Between Feb. 25 and May 16 the fest accepted submissions from all bands and solo artists interested in performing this fall. Once the judging process is complete, invitations will be issued to performers.  

MidPoint Indie Summer Featuring The Buffalo Killers

August 13 • Fountain Square

0 Comments · Thursday, August 12, 2010
What do this weekend? Maybe some summer cleaning? Go to the pool? It is going to be 90 degrees outside but I’m not gonna shell out $8 to wade in urine while a bunch of tots scream their heads off. I think I’d rather get jiggy to some good, old Rock music. For free. The MidPoint Indie Summer music series continues with an all-local lineup on Friday night.  

MidPoint Indie Summer Series Featuring Bob Log III, Eat Sugar and More

July 30 • Fountain Square

0 Comments · Sunday, July 25, 2010
Bob Log III, opening for Eat Sugar Friday on Fountain Square as a part of the free MidPoint Indie Summer Series, is a Delta Blues mash-up of Hasil Adkins and Super Dave Osborne. He's a one-man band who uses his hands to scorch through razor-sharp slide-guitar licks like the second coming of Mississippi Fred McDowell, his feet to play with the fury of an armless Keith Moon and his chased-by-a-hellhound voice to howl over the musical racket he's making on any given stage.   

MidPoint Indie Summer Series Featuring Wussy

July 23 • Fountain Square

0 Comments · Monday, July 19, 2010
Take some initiative and invite everyone you know down to Fountain Square again for the MidPoint Indie Summer Series show on Friday. Local Rock superstars Wussy will be headlining at 10 p.m., while The Chocolate Horse, Fairmount Girls and Sparrow Bellows will be revving up the crowd starting at 7.