What should I be doing instead of this?

Pages and Perseverance

Cartoonist Carol Tyler explores life through art

0 Comments · Wednesday, January 20, 2016
It’s a frigid January afternoon a couple weeks before Carol Tyler’s exhibition featuring work from her past, present and future is set to open at the University of Cincinnati’s Meyers Gallery.  

The Clouds Are After Me (Review)

Kambui Olujimi indicts all of us in his solo show at UC

0 Comments · Wednesday, November 5, 2008
What this means is not at all simple. The papers are painted beautifully in the loose but contained way of a lot of art right now. It's also politically charged. But bringing the two together makes something consuming. We, as viewers, stand face-to-face, surrounded by the criminal acts of our generation.  

Art: The Clouds Are After Me at Meyers Gallery

0 Comments · Tuesday, November 4, 2008
At first glance Brooklyn-based artist Kambui Olujimi’s solo show at Meyers Gallery at the University of Cincinnati, The Clouds Are After Me, seems sparse. Loose-leaf pages hang from the white walls in likely formations. They become both more interesting and more disappointing when you look a little closer. The “clouds” that follow the artist are the unlucky, the illegal and the politically incorrect.