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Slinging Riffs, Rigging Streams and Dissing Biggie

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Metallica said to be considering selling off past unused riffs through eBay or another online service, Pop group Fifth Harmony pleads with fans to stream their music on repeat so they chart, sell and stream better and some people in Brooklyn are against naming a street corner after Biggie Smalls, in part because he was overweight.  

Dre Beats All, Metallica's Coup and 'Time' Hearts Psy

0 Comments · Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Dr. Dre tops Forbes list of highest-earning musicians, all thanks to his work in the field of headphones; Metallica officially owns its master recordings thanks to a clause in its 1994 record contract with Warner Music Group; and Jay-Z, Pussy Riot and … Psy (?!) are among Time magazine's "Persons of the Year" for 2012.   
by Mike Breen 02.21.2012
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This Date in Music History: Feb. 21

Happy birthday to the Gibson Flying V guitar and the incomparable Nina Simone

On this day in 1958, the very first "Flying V" guitar shipped from the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Mich. The guitar's distinct body — shaped, as the name suggest, like a "V," and made almost to look like it had aerodynamic qualities  — was initially the instrument's downfall. In its first two years available, the pointy axe was a flop; according to Gibson's website and author Larry Meiners' book Flying "V": The Illustrated History of This Modernistic Guitar, fewer that 100 total Flying Vs were ordered in ’58 and ’59.But the odd design was also a draw for at least some musicians. For Blues players Albert King and Lonnie Mack (who, according to Gibson, is said to have purchased his first at Glenn Hughes Music in Cincinnati), the unique aesthetic of the guitar became a part of their image. In the ’60s, the aesthetic suddenly seemed less flashy to Rock guitar gods like Jimi Hendrix, and demand caused Gibson to begin producing the instrument once again in 1967 (Jimi had one immediately). In the ’70s, the guitar's appeal was enough to keep it in production, as everyone from Marc Bolan (T Rex) to Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) began to sling one. By the ’80s, the Flying V became most identifiable with Metal, used prominently by Ozzy sidekick Randy Rhoads, dweedle-dweedle master Yngwie Malmsteen and players from Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, Scorpions and a bazillion others.Alternative and Modern Rock players also took to the the V  — Bob Mould of Husker Du used his V quite a lot, while the guys in Weezer were perhaps the first to use them "ironically." The instrument's endurance is mostly due to the Flying V's appearance, making it more of a fashion accessory than a guitar specifically picked for its sound (though it was lighter than the usual guitar, at least initially).Here are two clips showing the V in action, the first featuring Lonnie Mack and the second a music video by Jay Reatard, the late cult hero from Memphis. Click the jump for "Born This Day" featuring video of Nina Simone's first time on national television, playing The Ed Sullivan Show in 1960.

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by Mike Breen 02.10.2012
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Squeeze the Day for Feb. 10

Caspa, Ekoostik Hookah and Anthony T Lee Trio, plus Today In Music with J Dilla and Metallica's Cliff Burton

Music Tonight: Covington's Madison Theater has become one of the go-to venues in the region for some of the top names from the world of Dubstep, probably the most popular "new genre" (relative term, of course) in music today. You can thank Insomniac and Next Era promo groups for that, as they put on almost all of the bigger shows in the area. Tonight, it's another biggie as London Dubstep producer/artist Caspa headlines the venue. The 9 p.m., all-ages show also features guests Krowd Khemistry, Dr. Gram and Johnny Quest. Caspa started DJing at a young age, inspired by the Drum ’n Bass sounds of the time. In ’04 he launched the first of a handful of record labels, Storming Productions, ultimately got into producing and, in ’07, began exploring Dubstep with fellow DJ/producer Rusko, resulting in several successful collaborations. (Read more here from this week's CityBeat.)Here's a couple of groovy videos that give a good a sense of what to expect tonight.

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Bragg Takes on Banks, Downloads Take Off and the Religion of Metal

0 Comments · Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Like most of us, politically-minded British Folk singer Billy Bragg is disgusted by the way the banking industry has continued to hand out giant bonuses, despite being given huge "bailouts" from we the taxpayers.  

Shaming Kanye, Freaking Out to Metallica and Changing the Buffalo Killers' Name

0 Comments · Wednesday, April 15, 2009
After eviscerating The Jonas Brothers (well, their Disney overlords, more precisely) earlier this season, the creators of 'South Park' took on the egomaniacal Kanye West in a recent episode ... and might have actually caused the Hip Hop superstar to reconsider his arrogant ways.