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I’ve accepted the fact that people are going to associate me with 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon. The fact that I write stuff, enjoy snacks and have an unhealthy knowledge of reality television has long provoked friends to convince me, “You’re just like Liz Lemon.” (“But I have a boyfriend!” I yell, as everyone walks away shaking their heads.) I guess it’s close enough to being compared to my true idol, Tina Fey herself, right? It turns out I’m not alone. 30 Rock’s Pinterest page has been aggregating photos of people who look like characters from the show. Check out these "30Rockelgangers." If you bare a striking resemblance to Liz, Jack, Tracy or any other characters, tweet your pics to @nbc30rock. Because, surely, we’ve only scratched the surface of Pete Rose bowl cuts. Nadya “OctoMom” Suleman can now add “recording artist” to her famewhoring resume with the upcoming release of her new single, “Sexy Party.” It sounds really good. Via Dlisted: Did you miss last week’s Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne? There must have been some crazy niceness amendment to the roast contract because everyone kept the jokes somewhat “above-the-belt.” Roasters included host Jane Lynch, Ellen Barkin, Jeffery Ross and Gilbert Gottfried. Go here for a recap of the night, including Tom Arnold’s surprise visit and Roseanne’s surprising musical tribute to the US of A.Further proving the growing creepiness of social media, Cracked has uncovered eight ways Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and other popular sites are exactly like a serial killer’s lair. Being raised Catholic, and having learned all I know about the Jewish religion through Rugrats, I always wondered what it would be like to be a Jew. Of course, It all came down to the Bat Mitzvah — a party devoted to you, with your choice of theme, where you make your debut as an adult in faith. (Cut to: "I went to Confirmation and all I got was this stupid rosary.") In 1992, Shaun Sperling read the Torah, became a man and Vogued harder than Madge herself. Via Gawker: First of all, no, this is not long-lost footage of George Michael from Arrested Development. Second, can we discuss how awesome his friends and family are for encouraging this fabulosity to flourish? Strike a pose. If you secretly watched Mrs. Eastwood & Company and dreamt of being Francesca, Clint’s 19-year-old daughter who is the girlfriend and muse of photographer Tyler Shields, mark your calendars for Oct. 12. That night, in conjunction with FotoFocus, Hyde Park’s Miller Gallery opens a show of Shields’ buzzed-about photos. A former X Games skater, Tyler Shields is known for his photographs of celebrities, with his subjects often represented in a violent or sexual manner. People also lost their shit when he burned a Birkin Bag. Best of all, my fellow star hunters, Shields and Francesca will be at the gallery for the opening. Keep an eye out for the duo shooting around Cincinnati prior to the event. As the “Leggings: Are They Pants?” saga roars on, Buzzfeed created a convenient flow-chart to reference before walking out the door. Hint: If your pockets are painted on, you’re probably not wearing pants. Anyone else remember that episode of Millionaire Matchmaker where client Judith Regan described her dream man was “a straight Bruce Vilanch”? (Hey, I admitted by TV knowledge was abnormally vast.) She ended up going on a date with John McClellan, a comedian who sported a very serious chin pelt. Well, McClellan is performing a free show at The Comet Thursday (and he’s still really ridin’ the Bravo-lebrity wave).
by Mike Breen 04.30.2012
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This Date in Music History: April 30

The L.A. riots continue and Willie Nelson turns 79

On this date in 1992, the Los Angeles riots had the world's attention, breaking out after the four cops on trial for beating Rodney King were acquitted the day before. Property damage has been estimated at $1 billion and 54 people were killed in the mayhem. There were a lot of important things to come out of the riots, but, in the music world, the greatest tragedy was Madonna's famous bustier was swiped from its case at Frederick's of Hollywood. The black bustier worn by Madonna in the "Open Your Heart" video was stolen from the Frederick's "lingerie museum." It wasn't the only underwear debacle that night — a man who wanted Madonna's bustier found it already stolen, so he instead grabbed a push-up bra worn by Katey "Peg Bundy" Sagal on Married … With Children (he would later return the bra to a church, which returned it to Frederick's). Madonna's bustier was never returned (despite a whopping $1,000 reward), but the Material Girl did give the museum a replacement.In more serious matters, the rioting created the opportunity for dialogue across the country about race relations. And that dialogue leaked into popular music, as major social issues often do. Songs (from nearly every genre) inspired by the L.A. riots of 1992 include Tom Petty's "Peace in L.A.," Sublime's "April 29, 1992 (Miami)," Dr. Dre's "The Day the Niggaz Took Over," Rancid's "I Wanna Riot," Machine Head's "Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies," Garth Brooks' "We Shall Be Free," fIRHOSE's "4.29.92," David Bowie's "Black Tie White Noise," Aerosmith's "Livin' on the Edge" and Branford Marsalis' "Simi Valley Blues," the title of which was named after the town in which the police officers were put on trial. L.A. Electronica act Daniel LeDisko named his "band" LA Riots on the 15th anniversary of the riots. Here was Rap legend Ice Cube's commentary on the riots from his third solo album, 1992's The Predator. This past weekend, Cube (alongside artists like Cypress Hill and Ras Kass) performed at a concert celebrating West Coast Hip Hop called Krush Groove. At midnight on Saturday (when it was officially April 29, the day rioting started), Cube reportedly asked the crowd to take a moment and remember those frightening days. Born This Day: Musical movers and shakers sharing an April 30 birthday include Blues/Gospel singer and guitarist Reverend Gary Davis (1896); Rockabilly/Country singer ("The Battle of New Orleans," "North to Alaska") Johnny Horton (1925); half of the instrumental duo Santo and Johnny ("Sleep Walk"), Johnny Farina (1941); late Folk singer/songwriter and activist Mimi Farina (1945); Dancehall Reggae star Barrington Levy (1964); bassist and original member of Brazilian Metal greats Sepultura, Paulo Jr. (1968); Ohio native and member of "boy band" 98 Degrees, Jeff Timmons (1973); singer/composer/pianist for The Dresden Dolls and solo artist Amanda Fucking Palmer (1976); rapper with G-Unit and solo artist Lloyd Banks (1982); one of the singing kids from Glee, Dianna Agron (1986); and legendary singer/songwriter Willie Nelson (1933). Nelson is one of those songwriters (like artists from Woody Guthrie to Lennon/McCartney to Bob Marley) who transcends genre tags. Nelson isn't a Country music icon — he's an American music icon. Before garnering a publishing contract in 1960, Nelson worked as a DJ, played bars and joined Roy Price's band on bass. Songs Nelson wrote for others in the 1960s would become Country music classics — "Hello Walls," "Funny How Time Slips Away" and "Crazy" are just a sampling of his hits from that period. Nelson had less success as a singer on his own, so he retired and moved to Austin, Texas, in the early ’70s. But Nelson fell in with the Outlaw Country scene and recorded increasingly successful albums, including the classic, Red Headed Stranger. He continued his run into the ’80s with material like "On the Road Again" and "Pancho & Lefty," and also formed supergroup The Highwaymen with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. Since the ’90s, Nelson has made news headlines with his tax problems and dedication and enthusiasm for smoking weed, but he's also managed to release a few relevant albums that have kept him from having to go on QVC to shill his music.Here's one of Nelson's early hits, "Crazy" (best known for the version by Patsy Cline), and a clip of Nelson talking about his forthcoming album, Heroes (due May 15). The album will include a strange range of covers — from Bob Wills to Coldplay — as well as a couple of new songs. Happy 79th, Willie!
by Mike Breen 04.03.2012
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This Date in Music History: April 3

Madonna and The Coasters create controversy and Social Distortion's Mike Ness turns 50

On this day in 1989, Pepsi dropped Madonna as a spokesperson after complaints about her "blasphemous" video for the single (also used in the Pepsi commercial campaign) "Like A Prayer." The Vatican condemned the video for its imagery of burning crosses and Madonna kissing a black man, while religious groups called for a boycott of all Pepsi-affiliated products. The soft drink manufacturer caved and cut and run from the Pop princess. But Pepsi gave Madonna a nice parting gift — the company was so eager to get away from the controversy that they let her keep her $5 million (yes, million) advance. Thirty years earlier, another music-related controversy erupted in the U.K. when the BBC decided that The Coasters' song "Charlie Brown" was not fit for airplay. Was it that the Peanuts comic strip was too controversial? Peppermint Patty's sexuality has always been a topic of debate. Were they afraid the youth of England would all mimic Charlie Brown's sparse curly-Q hairdo, essentially killing off the hair-care product industry? Was Pigpen's personal hygiene deficiency deemed a bad influence? Nope — the BBC was worried about the song because it contained the word "spitball" and they were fearful kids all over would be inspired to destroy society with saliva-drenched missiles. Unlike Pepsi, the Beeb reversed its decision a couple of weeks later, apparently realizing how ridiculous the "ban" was.Here are clips relating to both controversies. Watch at your own risk! Click on for Born This Day featuring Richard Thompson, Sebastian Bach, Doris Day and Mike Ness.

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Pussy Riot, Bono Impersonator and Madonaa

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An all-female Punk group in Russia has been jailed for protesting recently reelected president Vladimir Putin. According to The Guardian, members of Pussy Riot were arrested after performing a guerilla gig on the eve of election day at Moscow’s Christ the Saviour cathedral, debuting the song, “Holy Shit”