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Not Underground Any More

Jerry Gels' idea for a Newport walking tour has sprouted a growing company and increased interest in local history

0 Comments · Wednesday, October 6, 2010
What started as a fundraising idea has turned into a full-fledged company that's taking Cincinnati and Newport by storm ... or at least on a tour. Seven years ago Jerry Gels II — along with his father Jerome Gels, sister Laura Gels and friend Dave Kohake — founded the Newport Gangster Tour. Mac Cooley and Brad Hill quickly joined the team, and last year the group formed Newport Walking Tours LLC.  

A Civil Stroll

Secrets of a Civil War-era Queen City revealed on walking tour

0 Comments · Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Somehow, a sensational thing happens when hiking around the city on a historic walking tour: The modern world is always present but seemingly overlaid with a transparency from the past, the ghosts looking back at us while we search for them. At least that's been my experience when good storytelling is involved, as it is in the new Cincinnati Civil War Tour, happening Saturdays through Sept. 25.