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Liz Phair: Funstyle

[Rocket Science Records]

0 Comments · Friday, November 12, 2010
In 1993, Liz Phair established a career's worth of Indie cred and bitch-slapped the often misogyny-streaked Rolling Stones with 'Exile in Guyville.' Her new album might be the most freewheeling and uninhibited set she's attempted since that high profile debut.  

Elton John/Leon Russell, Marshall Chapman, Liz Phair, Bryan Ferry, Iggy Pop and Johnny Clegg

0 Comments · Thursday, November 4, 2010
It's only taken a month, but I think I'm catching up after the onslaught that was the 2010 MidPoint Music Festival. In some ways, the reduced number of releases and shows over the next couple of months is something of a blessing as it allows time for reflection on the year gone by in the runup to 2010-in-review coverage. This week I check out new work from some veteran musicians: Elton John, Leon Russell, Marshall Chapman, Liz Phair, Bryan Ferry, Iggy Pop, James Williamson and Johnny Clegg.