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Sex and the City 2 (Review)

This vapid and petty sequel should be called 'Self-Absorption and the City'

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 26, 2010
The first 'Sex and the City' film proved that the tolerable self-centered behavior on the HBO show can be grating when extended beyond two hours. But what the cast and crew of 'Sex 2' have created is even worse: an imitation of the HBO series that's as cheap as the knock-off dresses and shoes likely to be worn by show devotees showing up for this tawdry affair. And that's a real shame. Grade: F.  

Couples Retreat (Review)

Vince Vaughn can't save this directionless comedy

0 Comments · Tuesday, October 13, 2009
If ever there was need for an example of the whole not adding up to the sum of its parts, then let 'Couples Retreat' hereby stand as Exhibit A. The movie assembles four couples in relationships in various stages of duress and quickly trots them off to an island paradise where all of their problems will be solved — not before they go out of their ways to make things much worse, of course. Grade: D.