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Legendary (Review)

Balanced family drama features strong performances by Cena, Clarkson and Gray

0 Comments · Friday, September 10, 2010
In spite of its prosaic dramatic trappings, 'Legendary' is brought to fitful life with perceptive performances from its ensemble cast that includes a strong turn from an underrated John Cena and a solid homerun by Patricia Clarkson as the small-town mother of two polar-opposite sons (Cena and Devon Gray). Grade: B-.  

12 Rounds (Review)

Renny Harlin makes another ludicrous action thriller

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 31, 2009
WWE wrestler John Cena plays Danny Fisher, a New Orleans detective tormented by a devious international criminal mastermind Miles Jackson (Aiden Gillen) in what feels like a replay of an old Denzel Washington vehicle from the days before Denzel became the king of the Oscar ring. Grade: D-.