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The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Review)

Disney bastardizes a classic

0 Comments · Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer and Nicolas Cage tap into the legacy of one of the most celebrated animated films of all time ('Fantasia') and end up bastardizing it with a live-action reconfiguration set in this vice-free version of New York City, which is missing its living warts and wonders. Grade: C-.   

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Review)

Bruckheimer's latest extravaganza is a middling diversion

1 Comment · Wednesday, June 2, 2010
You can be forgiven for momentarily thinking that the latest production from Disney's adaptation maestro Jerry Bruckheimer might have come from a theme-park ride or that it's based on the wild escapades of an explorer trying to lay his hands on a magical artifact. No, this time Bruckheimer has set his sights on bringing a video game to life, but the movie demands nothing at all. It simply plays out before your eyes. Grade: C.  

G-Force (Review)

Jerry Bruckheimer-produced 3-D adventure is an uninspired dud

0 Comments · Friday, July 24, 2009
'G-Force' strains the Jerry Bruckheimer brand model past the breaking point by creating a kid's film with no real kids, using the animals as stand-ins, I suppose, but there's nothing particularly kid-friendly about them. Nor, to be brutally honest, is there anything engaging about them on a pop-cultural level for adults. Grade: D.