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Roger Klug's 'Help' Is on Its Way

2 Comments · Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Hard to believe, but it's been an entire decade since local singer/songwriter Roger Klug released a new record. 'More Help for Your Nerves' is the best of the his career, with Klug back to his usual "voice" — timeless Power Pop that churns out songs so infectiously rich with hooks the CDC might think about investigating.  

Happy Chichester with Roger Klug

May 15 • 20th Century Theater

0 Comments · Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Chichester's regional dominance is supreme because he's a fantastic human being and even better performer. He's like a homegrown Ryan Adams with little more soul and a harmonica a la mode. His songs are rich with Midwest emotion, longing and ire, often set to swampy, bluesy guitar or piano.