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Cleaning Up Their Act

Cincinnati and Hamilton County get grant for alt-fuel vehicles

0 Comments · Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Greater Cincinnati's air will soon become a little less smoggy thanks to money from President Obama's economic stimulus plan. The city of Cincinnati and Hamilton County will add 22 new alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles to their fleets after being awarded a slice of an $11 million Clean Cities Grant aimed at cleaning up Ohio's air.  

86 the CO2 ASAP

Reducing Greater Cincinnati’s massive carbon footprint

1 Comment · Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Notice the lights that are on. Look at the tiny blips of red or green on the cable box or the cell phone charger or the plugged-in laptop. Listen to the hum of a heater or air conditioner. Notice how you’re surrounded by items using electricity. Now think about everyone you know who’s also surrounded by the same items and all the people you don’t know who are surrounded by those same items. Think about how Greater Cincinnati garners its electricity from carbon-based fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.